An Endeavor of the Heart

our gifts

I am Leah Herzing, the owner and designer of Cardinal + Finch. I made my first gift box in kindergarten. I had a crush on a boy so I took a check box and put colored pictures and notes inside and then finished it off with decorations on the outside. On the school bus, I had my best friend deliver it to my lucky recipient. I have been perfecting the art of gift-giving ever since!

In 2014, following an incurable cancer diagnosis for my husband, Dan, we were given an unexpected gift of time— After five years in treatment, he is still going strong! We use our special time being together and loving on our son, Raine, as well as helping others express support and affection with our gift studio.

My father creates handmade wooden keepsake boxes and I compose gifts made of high quality, American-made products that we have discovered over time and love. We offer a variety of ready-made designs or create custom designs to help you express your support for those you love both in celebration and when it is difficult to know what to say or do. The gift is full circle when our wooden boxes are used to store keepsakes or re-gifted by them.

It is an endeavor of the heart.


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