An Endeavor of the Heart

our gifts

I am Leah Herzing, the owner and designer of Cardinal + Finch.  Following an incurable cancer diagnosis for my husband, Dan, I have been given an unexpected gift of time— After four years, he is still going strong!

We decided to use part of this special time creating this business— to make unique gifts composed of high quality, American-made products that we have discovered over time and love. We offer you these gifts to express your support for those you love when it is difficult to know what to say or do. It is an endeavor of the heart.

Cardinal + Finch is named in honor of Mary Hodel and Joan Summer, my mother and aunt. This adventure is in memory of Mary and Joan’s joy and love for others, as well as the generosity of spirit Dan and I have encountered on our own unique journey.

Thank you for your support!


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