White Ibis Luxe Gift Box

White Ibis Luxe Gift Box



Our 12 x 12 Handmade Keepsake Slide-Top Wooden Box, Reusable Hand-Dyed Sari Silk Ribbon, Seasonal Fresh Florals, Scent of Pure Essential Oil, Our Custom Sentiment Card

Hillockburn Farm ’Lavender Rosemary’ Soap and Brooklyn Candle Studio ‘Lavender’ Brushed Gold Tin Candle floral essential oil scents that promote relaxation; Bundle of White Sage to burn encouraging blessings and protectionhand-crafted by Broad Street Studios, Studio Portmanteau Jar of White Tipped Matches, One Fork Farm Wildflower Honey Caramels each piece cut and wrapped by hand, Woodblock Chocolate ’Floral‘ Chocolate Bara double origin blend of Ecuadorian and Peruvian cacao, and Zion ‘Jinotega’ ground coffee with hints of vanilla, caramel, and floral.

All products are made in America.